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Article 76 Index holdings of capital instruments

1. For the purposes of point (a) of Article 42, point (a) of Article 45, point (a) of Article 57, point (a) of Article 59, point (a) of Article 67, point (a) of Article 69 and point (a) of Article 72h, institutions may reduce the amount of a long position in a capital instrument by the portion of an index that is made up of the same underlying exposure that is being hedged, provided that all the following conditions are met:

(a) either both the long position being hedged and the short position in an index used to hedge that long position are held in the trading book or both are held in the non-trading book;

(b) the positions referred to in point (a) are held at fair value on the balance sheet of the institution;

(c) the short position referred to in point (a) qualifies as an effective hedge under the internal control processes of the institution;

(d) the competent authorities assess the adequacy of the internal control processes referred to in point (c) on at least an annual basis and