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Article 160 Probability of default (PD)

1. The PD of an exposure to a corporate or an institution shall be at least 0,03 %.

2. For purchased corporate receivables in respect of which an institution is not able to estimate PDs or an institution's PD estimates do not meet the requirements set out in Section 6, the PDs for these exposures shall be determined in accordance with the following methods:

(a) for senior claims on purchased corporate receivables PD shall be the institutions estimate of EL divided by LGD for these receivables;

(b) for subordinated claims on purchased corporate receivables PD shall be the institution's estimate of EL;

(c) an institution that has received the permission of the competent authority to use own LGD estimates for corporate exposures pursuant to Article 143 and that can decompose its EL estimates for purchased corporate receivables into PDs and LGDs in a manner that the competent authority considers to be reliable, may use the PD estimate that results from this decomposition.

3. The PD of obli