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Article 314 Combined use of different approaches

1. Institutions may use a combination of approaches provided that they obtain permission from the competent authorities. Competent authorities shall grant such permission where the requirements set out in paragraphs 2 to 4, as applicable, are met.

2. An institution may use an Advanced Measurement Approach in combination with either the Basic Indicator Approach or the Standardised Approach, where both of the following conditions are met:

(a) the combination of Approaches used by the institution captures all its operational risks and competent authorities are satisfied with the methodology used by the institution to cover different activities, geographical locations, legal structures or other relevant divisions determined on an internal basis;

(b) the criteria set out in Article 320 and the standards set out in Articles 321 and 322 are fulfilled for the part of activities covered by the Standardised Approach and the Advanced Measurement Approaches respectively.

3. For institutions that w