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Version date: 1 January 2019 - onwards
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Article 410 Uniform condition of application

Deleted from 1 January 2019

1. EBA shall report to the Commission annually on measures taken by the competent authorities in order to ensure the compliance with the requirements of Titles II and III by institutions.

2. EBA shall develop draft regulatory technical standards to specify in greater detail:

(a) the requirements in Articles 405 and 406 applying to institutions becoming exposed to the risk of a securitisation;

(b) the retention requirement, including the qualifying criteria for retaining a material net economic interest as referred to in Article 405 and the level of retention;

(c) the due diligence requirements in Article 406 for institutions becoming exposed to a securitisation position; and

(d) the requirements in Articles 408 and 409 applying to sponsor and originator institutions.

EBA shall submit those draft regulatory technical standards to the Commission by 1 January 2014.

Power is delegated to the Commission to adopt the regulatory technical standards referred to in the first subparagraph i