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Version date: 1 January 2014 - 27 June 2021
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Article 450 Remuneration policy

1. Institutions shall disclose at least the following information, regarding the remuneration policy and practices of the institution for those categories of staff whose professional activities have a material impact on its risk profile:

(a) information concerning the decision-making process used for determining the remuneration policy, as well as the number of meetings held by the main body overseeing remuneration during the financial year, including, if applicable, information about the composition and the mandate of a remuneration committee, the external consultant whose services have been used for the determination of the remuneration policy and the role of the relevant stakeholders;

(b) information on link between pay and performance;

(c) the most important design characteristics of the remuneration system, including information on the criteria used for performance measurement and risk adjustment, deferral policy and vesting criteria;

(d) the ratios between fixed and variable remu