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Article 502 Cyclicality of capital requirements

The Commission, in cooperation with EBA, ESRB and the Member States, and taking into account the opinion of the ECB, shall periodically monitor whether this Regulation taken as a whole, together with Directive 2013/36/EU, has significant effects on the economic cycle and, in the light of that examination, shall consider whether any remedial measures are justified. By 31 December 2013, EBA shall report to the Commission on whether, and if so how, methodologies of institutions under the IRB Approach should converge with a view to more comparable capital requirements while mitigating pro-cyclicality.

Based on that analysis and taking into account the opinion of the ECB, the Commission shall draw up a biennial report and submit it to the European Parliament and to the Council, together with any appropriate proposals. Contributions from credit taking and credit lending parties shall be adequately acknowledged when the report is drawn up.

By 31 December 2014, the Commission shall review, and