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Version date: 22 March 2019 - onwards
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Regulation 6 Notice to natural person believed to be a beneficial owner

Revoked from 22 March 2019

(1) The notice referred to in Regulation 5 is a notice, addressed to the natural person concerned, that requires the addressee -

(a) to state whether or not he or she is a beneficial owner of the server of the notice, and

(b) if so, to confirm or correct any particulars of his or hers that are included in the notice, and supply any that are missing.

(2) A notice under this Regulation shall -

(a) state that it is given under "Regulation 6 of the European Union (Anti Money Laundering: Beneficial Ownership of Corporate Entities) Regulations 2016", and

(b) as respects each of the particulars referred to in Regulation 4(2)(a) and (b) -

(i) set out that which -

(I) to the knowledge of the server is, or

(II) with reasonable cause is believed by it to be, the relevant particular, or

(ii) in the absence of such knowledge or belief (on its part as respects a relevant particular) indicate, by leaving a space in the appropriate place, that that particular is not given in the notice.

(3) A not