Published date: 7 February 2017

Responses to Discussion Paper on the Payment of Commission to Intermediaries

  • Reponses to recent Discussion Paper published
  • 15 responses received
  • Central Bank to consult on additional measures to strengthen protections for consumers in the area of commission payments to intermediaries.

The Central Bank of Ireland has published responses received to its recent Discussion Paper on the Payment of Commission to Intermediaries, which was issued in July 2016. The purpose of that paper was to stimulate discussion and to obtain feedback from interested parties on the risks and benefits to consumers of the practice of insurance companies, banks and other financial firms paying commissions to intermediaries that distribute their financial products. The Central Bank has also engaged further with a number of consumer bodies to seek their views on the issues raised. 

The responses to the Discussion Paper and the stakeholder engagement will inform the Central Bank’s ongoing consideration of its policy position in relation to the practice of paying commission to intermediar