Version date: 14 March 2018 - onwards
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iii. Information to be contained in the half-yearly report

3. The Qualifying Investor AIF shall include the following in its half-yearly report:

(a) a balance sheet or statement of assets and liabilities;

(b) number of units in circulation;

(c) net asset value per unit;

(d) a full portfolio statement or a condensed portfolio statement which lists positions/exposures greater than 5% of net assets, distinguishing between the different types of investments and each investment analysed in accordance with the most appropriate criteria in the light of the investment policy of the Qualifying Investor AIF (e.g., in accordance with economic, geographical or currency criteria) as a percentage of net assets; for each of the investments the proportion it represents of the total net assets of the Qualifying Investor AIF must be stated. If a condensed portfolio statement is included in the half-yearly report, a Qualifying Investor AIF must make the full portfolio statement available to unitholders on demand. This can be made available to potential investors