Version date: 14 March 2018 - onwards
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vii. Relationship with the Central Bank

1. The AIFM shall notify the Central Bank as soon as it becomes aware of -

(a) any breaches of the AIFM Regulations, AIFMD Level 2 or any of the Central Bank's requirements (including the AIF Rulebook) which are applicable to the AIFM;

(b) breaches of other Irish legislation which may be of prudential concern to the Central Bank or which may impact on the reputation or good standing of the AIFM;

(c) the commencement of any significant legal proceedings by or against the AIFM;

(d) any situations or events which impact, or potentially impact, on the AIFM to a significant extent;

(e) the imposition on the AIFM of fines by another supervisory authority; or

(f) a visit to the AIFM by another supervisory authority.

2. An AIFM shall obtain the prior approval of the Central Bank in respect of a proposed change of its name. In addition, an AIFM shall notify the Central Bank promptly of any change to the AIFM's address, telephone number or facsimile number.

3. Approval of the Central Bank is req