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Article 325av Risk weights for foreign exchange risk

1. Risk weight for all sensitivities to foreign exchange risk factors shall be specified in the delegated act referred to in Article 461a.

2. The risk weight of the foreign exchange risk factors concerning currency pairs which are composed of the euro and the currency of a Member State participating in the second stage of the economic and monetary union (ERM II) shall be one of the following:

(a) the risk weight referred to in paragraph 1, divided by 3;

(b) the maximum fluctuation within the fluctuation band formally agreed by the Member State and the European Central Bank, if that fluctuation band is narrower than the fluctuation band defined under ERM II.

3. Notwithstanding paragraph 2, the risk weight of the foreign exchange risk factors concerning currencies referred to in paragraph 2 which participate in the ERM II with a formally agreed fluctuation band narrower than the standard band of plus or minus 15 % shall equal the maximum percentage fluctuation within that narrower band.