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Article 132c Treatment of off-balance-sheet exposures to CIUs

1. Institutions shall calculate the risk-weighted exposure amount for their off-balance-sheet items with the potential to be converted into exposures in the form of units or shares in a CIU by multiplying the exposure values of those exposures calculated in accordance with Article 111, with the following risk weight:

(a) for all exposures for which institutions use one of the approaches set out in Article 132a:

(b) for all other exposures, RW* ΒΌ 1 250 %.

2. Institutions shall calculate the exposure value of a minimum value commitment that meets the conditions set out in paragraph 3 of this Article as the discounted present value of the guaranteed amount using a default risk-free discount factor. Institutions may reduce the exposure value of the minimum value commitment by any losses recognised with respect to the minimum value commitment under the applicable accounting standard.

Institutions shall calculate the risk-weighted exposure amount for off-balance-sheet exposures arising fro