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Version date: 23 June 2020 - onwards
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Chapter 2 Group resolution plans

11 August 2020

2.1 BRRDII amends Article 2(1) of BRRD to introduce the concepts of 'resolution entities' and 'resolution groups' which derive from the same terms used in the FSB's TLAC standard.

2.2 In line with the introduction of these new concepts, BRRDII amends the requirements in Article 12 of BRRD on resolution plans to identify for each group the resolution entities and the resolution groups. It also requires a group which comprises of more than one resolution group to set out the resolution actions for the resolution entities of each resolution group and the implications of those actions on both other group entities belonging to the same resolution group and other resolution groups.

Box 2.A: Group resolution plans

1. Do you have any comments on the amendments made by BRRDII to group resolution plans?