Page overview

Each page in a multi-page document features a Page Overview which contains useful information about that page. To view the Page Overview, select one of the links in the Page Tools menu on the left-hand side of the page.

Alternatively, simply scroll to the bottom part of the page.

The information contained in the Page Overview depends on the type of page:

  1. Title pages
  2. Pages other than title pages

Title pages

Some title pages include a Page Overview showing any related Hot Topics and/or Commentaries. This is indicated in the left sidebar:

Details of any related Hot Topics and Commentaries are found at the bottom of the page:

Related Hot Topics and Commentaries


These can be sorted alphabetically by title or organisation, or by date.

Pages other than title pages

On these pages, the Page Overview contains any of the following items of information:

Commencement Orders
Table of amendments
Proposed changes
SIs made under
EU Law Implemented
Definitions used on this page
BR Notes

Note that the information contained in the Page Overview relates only to the page. You can also see consolidated information for the entire document on the Document Overview page. See the Document Overview page for more on this.

Commencement Orders: Here you can see details of, and links to, relevant Commencement Orders.

Table of amendments: The table summarises each version of the page in Better Regulation. A new version is created every time there is a change to the text or the status of the page.

Status: Icons are used to the page status at each version. Mouse over the icon to see the icon label - 'Published',  In force, etc. See Page statuses and icons for more details.

Version: Click on any number to see the page corresponding to that version. 

Details: This column provides information on the changes that led to the new version being created. Each version (apart from version 1) includes a 'Compare against the previous version' link - see Version comparison.

Effective date: the date when the version has effect.

Notes: Extra useful information.

Proposed changes: This table lists changes to the Section that have been proposed but not yet enacted.

SIs made under: This table lists any subordinate legislation arising from the Section.

EU Law Implemented: This shows the SIs through which a EU Directive is given force in national law.

Definitions used on this page: This is an alphabetical list of all definitions that appear on the page. Click 'See definition in situ' to see the page containing the definition. You can find additional information on individual definitions in the definitions panel.

BR Notes: Here you can see details of possible drafting errors and other items of interest added by Better Regulation.