Email preferences

The 'Email preferences' tool ensures you are always up to date with the latest developments in your sector. You can access 'Email preferences' directly, using the link in the page footer. Alternatively, select My Profile - Email preferences.

Note that the default email preferences setting for new accounts is daily updates for all content types, so it makes sense to decide which alerts you want to receive daily, weekly or not at all.

Selecting and editing email notifications
Suspending and cancelling email notifications

Email update example layout

Selecting and editing email notifications

To set your daily alerts, ensure the Daily tick box is ticked:

'Daily' checkbox ticked

Daily email notification options are split into six different categories:

Click on a category dropdown to reveal all the options. You can either click 'Select all' or choose individual types. Toggling 'Select all' selects or deselects all options. 

Selected subategories for daily emails

Once you have made your selection, your choices will be stored into the system until you change them again.

The Weekly options work in exactly the same way:

Suspending email notifications

To suspend all notifications, simply tick the 'Unsubscribe' option. Note that your preferences are not lost - unticking the box restores your selections.

See also:

Search alerts: In addition to setting up these notifications for new content, you can also set up very specific alerts based on searches. These will alert you when new content is added that changes the search results. 

See Save search & alert for details.

Page change alerts: These alerts complement your email preferences and search alerts because they notify you of changes to content that's already on Better Regulation - for example when legislation is amended.

See Page change alerts for details.