Login options

Better Regulation offers two login options:

  • Individual user
  • IP authentication

If your company has opted for IP authentication, you can apply for your own individual user login as well - see below.

Individual user

Most Better Regulation users have their own unique individual login. This means you can customise your account exactly as you want, using email preferences, bookmarking, page change alerts and saved searches.

Logging in as an individual user

When you visit Better Regulation, you will be asked to enter your username and password - unless you were using the site recently and your session has not yet expired. Some browsers will remember your login details for you and will helpfully prepopulate the username and password fields.

IP authentication

This option is popular with clients who like to access Better Regulation quickly, without needing to log in. When you visit the website, your company’s IP address will be recognised and you will automatically be granted access. 

One advantage of this option is that you can click on links in daily or weekly updates emails and go directly to the documents you wish to see.

Logging in as an IP authenticated user

When you visit Better Regulation, the system will recognise your IP address and will show you a message to confirm access has been granted:

You can now use the site navigation or home page links as required.

IP authentication plus Individual user

The disadvantage of IP authentication is that you cannot customise your account in the way described above. Inaccessible features are greyed out to indicate that they are inaccessible:

All other features, such as search, print and share, are fully functional.


Applying for an individual user login

To access all customisation features, you can request an individual login as well. This means you can enjoy the best of both worlds: instant access to documents from email links on the one hand, and your own custom settings on the other. 

To request an individual login, click the link to fill in the individual login request form:

Your Better Regulation Account Manager will contact you with your login and instructions on how to use it.

Once your new login has been set up, you have two choices:

  1. Access Better Regulation as previously, without the need to log in.
  2. Click the link to go to the login page and enter your individual login details.