Better Regulation includes various options allow you to print or download documents, browse pages and search results.

Printing different page types
1 Search results pages
2 Single-page documents
3 Multi-page documents
The print selection page

Printing different page types

1 Search results pages

Click the print icon to print out a list of document titles.


The resulting print page replicates the title list and includes the print date:

Note that the list covers ALL titles on the list, which could run into hundreds or even thousands - so make sure you only print as many pages as you need.


Legislation search results pages also include links to the print selection page:

2 Single-page documents

Pages with HTML text: Click 'Current page' to open the print selection page.

Pages with an embedded PDF: On the Page Tools menu, click 'Original PDF of the entire document' to print (or download) the document:

3 Multi-page documents

Each page in a multi-page document includes print options in the Page Tools menu:

Current page: Opens the print selection page with the current page preselected.

Whole document: Opens the print selection page with the whole document preselected.

Selected pages: Opens the print selection page with no pages yet selected.

Consolidated PDF of the entire document: generates a PDF showing the current consolidated version of the document. (NB: to generate a PDF that includes annotations such as commencement details, amendments and definitions, select 'Whole document' and use the print selection page to create your custom view.)

Original PDF of the original document opens the original source document used to create the html pages in Better Regulation.


The print selection page

The print selection page comprises two areas:


1 Document contents list

The left-hand side of the page shows the document's contents. Use the tickboxes to select the page(s) you want to print or download.

Whole document: To print the entire document, tick 'Whole document' (or untick to deselect all pages).

Entire section: To print an entire section, tick the section title (or untick to deselect the section). You can select more than one section using this method.

Individual pages: To print individual pages/provisions, tick those that you require.


2 Printing options menu

The print menu comprises three areas:

Output: Here you can choose the format you require and decide whether you want to print/download immediately or send links to yourself by email.

Include: Select any of the tick boxes to include the extra information you require (see Documents - multi-page for more details):

Options: Tick 'Select all' for all options, or else tick individually any that you want. Note that leaving the options unticked will result in a default printout with no breaks between provisions (ie fewer pages to print) and just the consolidated document text.