Document layouts - single-page

This page concerns single-page documents. See also Document layouts - multi-page

Single-page documents include:

  1. publications and commentaries
  2. legislation


1 Publications and commentaries

These pages comprise four areas:

1. Document category: This shows both the category and the type of document you are viewing. The document shown is categorised under Irish Financial Services Law as a speech published in 2016 by the CBoI. You can click on any element on the document category line to see relevant search results. In the example above, clicking on '2016' would show all Central Bank of Ireland speeches from 2016.

2. Published date: The date shown is when the document was added to Better Regulation.

3. Document area: This includes the logo of the publishing organisation together with html text only, or else html text plus an embedded PDF.

4. Page tools: Bookmark the page (see Bookmarking for details), print the document (see Printing for details) or select 'Share' to create an email using your default email application. The email subject line is the title of the page you're on and the body of the email includes a link to the page.


2 Legislation

Legislation pages include the same four sections, along with details of and links to related commentaries.