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The main menu has 7 sections:

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2 Legislation: Links to domestic and European legislation.

3 Publications: Regulation-related documents published by dozens of relevant organisations. (Expert commentaries have their own section - see 5 below.) For Irish subscribers, links include open and closed consultations plus CBoI warning notices and CBoI settlement agreements. For UK subscribers, links include open and closed consultations plus FCA, PRA and ICO trackers.

4 What's new: A compendium of all recently added content - legislation, publications and commentaries. You can choose to view browse pages covering different time periods. You can also download lists of recent content - see Downloading What's new lists for details.

5 Commentaries: Opinion, thinkpieces and information published by leading experts in the field, including accountants, law firms and regulators. You can filter document lists by different time periods.

6 Hot topics: Useful information on key financial services initiatives. Contents include latest updates, overviews of the topic, datelines and lists of key documents.

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