Version comparison

The version comparison facility allows you to see differences between one version of a provision and the previous version.

How to find version comparisons
Printing version comparisons

How to find version comparisons

1 Via the Table of amendments

2 Via the Document overview

a) Select Document overview from the Page Tools menu.

b) Open the Table of amendments:

c) Click the dropdown for the provision you are interested in.

d) Click 'Compare against the previous version'

Body text in the previous version (Version 9 in the example below) is compared against the version you were looking at (Version 10 in this case).

Differences in the later version are indicated by highlighted text:

  •  Orange = changed text
  •  Green = new text
  •  Red = removed text


Printing version comparisons

To print a page comparison, click the print icon on the right of the page.

Using the print selection page

The print selection page options include version comparisons - but this is only for the latest version and the penultimate version of each provision of the document. To print other version comparisons, use the method above.

See Printing for more details on the print selection page.