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Published date: 5 July 2018

Fund Management Companies - Guidance (Notice July 2018)

Fund Management Companies Guidance

Central Bank of Ireland (Central Bank) requirements in relation to the organisation of Fund Management Companies [“Fund Management Company” means a UCITS management company, an authorised Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM), a self-managed UCITS investment company and an internally managed Alternative Investment Fund which is an authorised AIFM.] came in to full effect on 1 July 2018. The requirements [The requirements are contained in the Central Bank UCITS Regulations and the Central Bank’s AIF Rulebook.] are supported by the Central Bank’s Fund Management Companies – Guidance, dated December 2016 (“the Guidance”). The Guidance sets out that the board of the Fund Management Company should design its governance practices so as to be appropriate and commensurate to the business of the relevant company and, where applicable, the investment funds it manages.

Part II of the Guidance relates to the Organisational Effectiveness role wh