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Published date: 6 March 2019

Capital Markets Union: Commission welcomes agreement on new rules to further improve access to capital markets for smaller businesses (IP/19/1568)

The Commission welcomes the political agreement reached today by the European Parliament and Member States on new rules that will further help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to finance their growth, innovate, and create jobs.

The European Parliament and Council still have to formally approve the rules.

A key element of the Capital Markets Union (CMU) agenda, the new rules willensure that smaller businesses in the EU have access to diversified sources of financing at each stage of their development. In particular, the revised rules will make it cheaper and simpler for SMEs to access public markets through the so-called 'SME Growth Markets', a new category of trading venue dedicated to small issuers.Listing on stock exchanges can give a significant boost to small and medium enterprises, including a reduced dependence on bank funding, a broader investor base, easier access to additional equity capital and debt finance, and a higher public profile and brand recognition.