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90. Minister may impose conditions when granting an application for an authorisation.

(1) In granting an application for an authorisation under this Chapter, the Minister may impose on the holder of the authorisation any conditions that the Minister considers necessary for the proper and orderly regulation of the holder's business as a trust or company service provider and, in particular, for preventing the business from being used to carry out money laundering or terrorist financing.

(2) The Minister shall specify any such conditions in the authorisation granted to the holder or in one or more documents annexed to that authorisation.

(3) If, under this section, the Minister imposes any conditions on an authorisation, the Minister shall serve on the holder of the authorisation, together with the authorisation, a written notice of the imposition of the conditions that includes a statement -

(a) setting out the grounds on which the Minister has imposed the conditions, and

(b) informing the holder that -

(i) the holder may appeal to an Appeal Tribunal against the impositio