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Article 71 Supervisory convergence

1. Member States shall ensure that the mandates of supervisory authorities take into account, in an appropriate way, a European Union dimension.

2. Member States shall ensure that in the exercise of their duties supervisory authorities have regard to the convergence in respect of supervisory tools and supervisory practices in the application of the laws, regulations and administrative requirements adopted pursuant to this Directive. For that purpose, Member States shall ensure that:

(a) the supervisory authorities participate in the activities of EIOPA;

(b) the supervisory authorities make every effort to comply with the guidelines and recommendations issued by EIOPA in accordance with Article 16 of Regulation (EU) No 1094/2010 and state reasons if they do not do so;

(c) national mandates conferred on the supervisory authorities do not inhibit the performance of their duties as members of EIOPA or under this Directive.

3. [deleted]

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