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Version date: 4 January 2011 - onwards
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Article 10

1. Member States shall specify the systems, and the respective system operators, which are to be included in the scope of this Directive and shall notify them to ESMA and inform it of the authorities chosen in accordance with Article 6(2). ESMA shall publish that information on its website.

The system operator shall indicate to the Member State whose law is applicable the participants in the system, including any possible indirect participants, as well as any change in them.

In addition to the indication provided for in the second subparagraph, Member States may impose supervision or authorisation requirements on systems which fall under their jurisdiction.

An institution shall, on request, inform anyone with a legitimate interest of the systems in which it participates and provide information about the main rules governing the functioning of those systems.

2. A system designated prior to the entry into force of national provisions implementing Directive 2009/44/EC of the European Parl