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Version date: 12 January 2016 - onwards
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Article 68 Limits of the use of the payment instrument and of the access to payment accounts by payment service providers

1. Where a specific payment instrument is used for the purposes of giving consent, the payer and the payer's payment service provider may agree on spending limits for payment transactions executed through that payment instrument.

2. If agreed in the framework contract, the payment service provider may reserve the right to block the payment instrument for objectively justified reasons relating to the security of the payment instrument, the suspicion of unauth­orised or fraudulent use of the payment instrument or, in the case of a payment instrument with a credit line, a significantly increased risk that the payer may be unable to fulfil its liability to pay.

3. In such cases the payment service provider shall inform the payer of the blocking of the payment instrument and the reasons for it in an agreed manner, where possible, before the payment instrument is blocked and at the latest immediately thereafter, unless providing such information would compromise objectively justified secur