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Published date: 7 March 2018

Double volume cap mechanism and Completeness Indicators (updated 7 September 2023)

Double Volume Cap Mechanism

The double volume cap mechanism (DVCM) (Article 5 of MiFIR) aims to limit the trading under the reference price waiver (Article 4(1)(a) of MiFIR) and the negotiated transaction waiver for liquid instruments (Article 4(1)(b)(i) of MiFIR) in an equity instrument.

In particular, ESMA shall publish regularly the results of the DVCM on its website in the Double Volume Cap Register. The DVC Results are available through the DVC IT system (Double Volume Cap Public Files) in the XML files, whereas the suspensions file can be found below.

Suspensions file containing information on the ISINs for which suspensions are expected to be triggered/revoked


 Last update published


7 September 2023

This file includes consolidated information on the ISINs subject to a suspension.

Using the correct filters on this file (as explained in the explanatory text of the Suspensions File) allows to quickly identify:

  • All the ISINs that are subject to