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Published date: 18 May 2018

Transforming Culture in Regulated Financial Services in Ireland - Martin Moloney, Special Advisor

Speech delivered at Alvarez & Marsal / Byrne Wallace Solicitors Seminar on Transforming Culture in Regulated Financial Services in Ireland

Both the Director General, Conduct Regulation, Derville Rowland [See Rowland, Derville. (2018) “Our culture assessments will analyse the leadership behaviour of management in banks”, speech European Consumer Protection Conference, March 22.] and the Deputy Governor, Prudential Regulation, Ed Sibley [See Sibley, Ed. (2017) "Is it legal? A Question of Culture", speech Eversheds Sutherland Conference, November 14.] have spoken recently about the culture of regulated firms in Ireland. Indeed, persistent conduct issues have prompted regulators worldwide to consider whether intrusive regulation, fines and compliance measures are sufficient if we are to deliver on our goal of requiring regulated firms to act in the best interests of consumers. Increasingly the international regulatory focus is on transforming the culture in the financial services s