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2. Interpretation.

(1) In the Credit Union Acts 1997 to 2012 -

"Act of 1966" means the Credit Union Act, 1966;

"Advisory Committee" means the committee established under section 180;

"amendment", in relation to the rules of a credit union, includes a new rule, and a resolution rescinding a rule, of the credit union;

"annual accounts" has the meaning given by section 111 (6);

"annual general meeting" has the meaning given by section 78 (1);

"annual return" means the annual return which a credit union is required by section 124 to send to the Bank;

"Bank" means the Central Bank of Ireland;

"board of directors" means the body which has general control, direction and management of a credit union and to which section 53 relates;

"board oversight committee" has the meaning given by section 76L;

"books and documents" includes accounts and records made in any manner, and "books or documents" shall be construed accordingly;

"business continuity" and "business continuity plan" have the meanings given to them, resp