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63. Officers: principal posts.

(1) At a meeting of the board of directors of a credit union -

(a) which is held immediately after the organisation meeting, an annual general meeting or special general meeting at which an election is held for members of the board of directors, and

(b) which is chaired by a member of the board oversight committee,

the board of directors shall elect by secret ballot directors to fill such of the principal posts in the credit union as are then vacant; and, for the purposes of this section, the principal posts in a credit union are the posts of chair, vice-chair and secretary.

(2) [deleted]

(3) In the event of a casual vacancy in a principal post, the board of directors may by secret ballot elect a director to hold that post until the next meeting at which, in accordance with subsection (1), an election should be held to fill any vacancy in the principal posts.

(4) Without prejudice to subsection (3), if a principal post falls vacant or for any other reason there is no holder of a princi