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156. Hearing relating to missing property etc.

(1) Where, in relation to a credit union which is under the protection of the Court, there is evidence, whether contained in the report of the independent accountant or otherwise, of a substantial disappearance of property that is not adequately accounted for, or of other serious irregularities in relation to the affairs of the credit union, the Court shall, as soon as practicable, hold a hearing to consider that evidence.

(2) If, in advance of a hearing under subsection (1), the Court so requests, the examiner shall prepare a report on the issues raised by the evidence in question.

(3) Where the examiner prepares a report as mentioned in subsection (2), the examiner shall supply a copy of his report to the credit union and the Bank on the same day as his delivery of the report to the Court.

(4) The examiner shall also supply a copy of a report prepared by him as mentioned in subsection (2) -

(a) to every person who is mentioned in the report, and

(b) on written application, to any mem