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76C. Risk management officer.


(1) The board of directors of a credit union shall appoint a person (in this Act referred to as a ‘risk management officer’) with the necessary authority and resources to manage the risk management function within the credit union.

(2) Except where subsection (3)(a) applies or where otherwise prescribed by the Bank under subsection (3)(b), nothing in this section shall be read as preventing the appointment of a person as risk management officer of a credit union who -

(a) holds another position as an officer in the credit union, or

(b) is the risk management officer for one or more than one other credit union.

(3) The risk management officer of a credit union shall not -

(a) be a director, a member of the board oversight committee or the auditor of the credit union, or

(b) hold such other position (whether within the credit union or otherwise) that the Bank may prescribe as being inappropriate to hold while being a risk management officer.

(4) The risk management officer of a c