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13. Tort action for suffering detriment because of making protected disclosure

(1) If a person causes detriment to another person because the other person or a third person made a protected disclosure, the person to whom the detriment is caused has a right of action in tort against the person by whom the detriment is caused.

(2) A person may not both -

(a) pursue a right of action under subsection (1) against a person in respect of a matter, and

(b) in respect of the same matter make or present against the same person -

(i) a claim for redress under the Unfair Dismissals Acts 1977 to 2007,

(ii) a complaint under Schedule 2, or

(iii) a complaint under section 114 of the Defence Act 1954 or section 6 of the Ombudsman (Defence Forces) Act 2004.

(2A) Where the investigation of the relevant wrongdoing concerned was not the sole or main motivation for making the protected disclosure concerned, in determining the amount of any damages to be awarded, in proceedings under this section, to a person to whom detriment is caused, the amount may be up to 25 per cent less than

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