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Version date: 31 December 2010 - 20 July 2019
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Annex I Prospectus

I. Summary

The summary shall provide in a few pages the most important information included in the prospectus, covering at least the following items:

A. identity of directors, senior management, advisers and auditors

B. offer statistics and expected timetable

C. essential information concerning selected financial data; capitalisation and indebtedness; reasons for the offer and use of proceeds; risk factors

D. information concerning the issuer

- history and development of the issuer

- business overview

E. operating and financial review and prospects

- research and development, patents and licences, etc.

- trends

F. directors, senior management and employees

G. major shareholders and related-party transactions

H. financial information

- consolidated statement and other financial information

- significant changes

I. details of the offer and admission to trading

- offer and admission to trading

- plan for distribution

- markets

- selling shareholders

- dilution (equity securities only)

- e