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Schedule 6 Conduct of FMI administration

Section 121

1 The following provisions of this Schedule provide for -

(a) the general powers and duties of FMI administrators (by application of provisions about administrators), and

(b) the general process and effects of FMI administration (by application of provisions about administration).

2 The provisions set out in the Tables apply in relation to FMI administration as in relation to administration, with -

(a) the modifications set out in paragraph 3,

(b) any other modification specified in the Tables, and

(c) any other necessary modification.

3 The modifications are that -

(a) a reference to the administrator is a reference to the FMI administrator,

(b) a reference to administration is a reference to FMI administration,

(c) a reference to an administration application is a reference to an FMI administration application,

(d) a reference to an administration order is a reference to an FMI administration order,

(e) except where otherwise specified in Table 2, a reference to a company