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Version date: 22 March 2019 - onwards
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Regulation 8 Notice to person believed to have information, etc. concerning beneficial ownership

Revoked from 22 March 2019

(1) The notice referred to in paragraph (2) of Regulation 7 is a notice, addressed to the person referred to in that paragraph, that requires the addressee -

(a) to state whether or not the addressee knows the identity of -

(i) any natural person who is a beneficial owner of the server of the notice, or

(ii) any person (whether a natural person or not) likely to have that knowledge, and

(b) if so, to supply any particulars of any such person that are within the addressee’s knowledge, and state whether or not the particulars are being supplied with the knowledge of each of the persons concerned.

(2) For the purposes of paragraph (1) -

(a) a reference to knowing the identity of a person includes a reference to knowing information from which that person can be identified, and

(b) a reference in subparagraph (b) of it to particulars is a reference -

(i) in the case of the natural person referred to in paragraph (1)(a)(i) - to the particulars referred to in Regulation 4(2)(a) and (b)