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182. General regulations.

(1) The Minister may make regulations -

(a) [deleted]

(b) [deleted]

(c) [deleted]

(d) [deleted]

(e) [deleted]

(f) [deleted]

(g) making provision with respect to the further defining of the exercise of a significant influence as mentioned in section 87 (1) (e);

(h) [deleted]

(i) [deleted]

(j) providing for the inspection, and furnishing of copies, of documents in the custody of the Bank;

(k) [deleted]

(l) making provision with respect to the settlement of disputes in accordance with section 125;

(m) [deleted]

(n) prescribing any other matter which, under any provision of this Act, is to be prescribed except where it is provided that the matter is to be prescribed by the Bank.

(1A) The Minister may make regulations under this section only after consulting the Bank, the Advisory Committee and any other body appearing to the Minister to have expertise or knowledge of credit unions.

(2) Regulations under this section may relate to all or any one or more of the matters referred to in subs