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87. Power of Bank to give regulatory directions.

(1) If, with respect to a credit union, the Bank is satisfied -

(a) that the credit union has become, or is likely to become, unable to meet its obligations to its creditors or its members or suspends payments lawfully due from it, or

(b) that it is expedient to do so in the public interest or in the interest of the orderly and proper regulation of the business of the credit union or in order to protect the savings of its members, or

(c) that the credit union no longer possesses, or is not maintaining and is unlikely to be in a position to maintain, adequate capital resources and, in particular, no longer provides security for the funds entrusted to it, or

(d) [deleted]

(e) that any member or group of members of the credit union have, or are likely to achieve, a position in relation to the credit union that would enable the member or group to exercise a significant influence over the management or operation of the credit union,

the Bank may decide to give and give the credit union such