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55A. Chair of board of directors, etc.


(1) The board of directors of a credit union shall elect one of its number to be the chair of the board, subject to that person being eligible to be chair of a board of directors.

(2) The chair of the board of directors of a credit union may be referred to by whatever title the rules of the credit union provide.

(3) The functions of the chair of a credit union include the following:

(a) ensuring that meetings of the board of directors operate in an efficient and effective manner;

(b) encouraging constructive discussions and debate at board of directors meetings;

(c) promoting effective communications between members of the board of directors and between the board of directors and the management team of the credit union;

(d) causing the agenda to be set by the secretary, attending and chairing board of directors meetings;

(e) ensuring that the responsibilities of the nomination committee, as set out in section 56B(4), are performed by that committee;

(f) conducting a performance eva