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75. Register of members and officers.

(1) Every credit union shall keep at its registered office a register in which shall be entered -

(a) the membership numbers, names and addresses of its members;

(b) a statement of the number of shares and amount of deposits held by each member and, if the shares are distinguished by numbers, the numbers of the shares so held;

(c) a statement of other property in the credit union, whether in loans or otherwise, held by each member;

(d) the date at which the name of any person was entered in the register as a member;

(e) the date at which any person ceased to be a member; and

(f) the membership numbers, names and addresses of the officers of the credit union (excluding any person who is an officer solely by virtue of being an employee or a voluntary assistant), with the offices held by them respectively, the dates on which they assumed office and, where applicable, on which they ceased to hold office.

(2) The register may be kept either by making entries in bound books or by recording t