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33. Power to borrow.

(1) For the purpose of its objects as referred to in section 6 a credit union may borrow money, on security or otherwise, and may issue debentures accordingly.

(2) For the adequate protection of the savings of members of credit unions, the Bank may prescribe -

(a) the maximum amount of money a credit union may borrow at any one time which may be expressed as a percentage of the aggregate of shares balance and the deposits balance of the credit union, and

(b) the notice to be given to the Bank by a credit union in specified circumstances where the credit union proposes to borrow certain amounts of money (expressed as a monetary amount or as a percentage of some monetary amount or determinable monetary amount) in respect of those circumstances.

(3) Where the Bank considers it is necessary in the interests of the proper regulation of a credit union or credit unions generally, or the protection of members' savings, it may do either or both of the following:

(a) permit a credit union to bor