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76F. Records management.

(1) Without prejudice to sections 108 and 109, a credit union shall ensure -

(a) that it makes, maintains and retains in books and documents proper and secure records of all matters that are required to enable the credit union, including the board of directors, board committees, nomination committee and officers and its board oversight committee and auditor to discharge their respective functions and as required by law,

(b) that those records are made in a timely, accurate and consistent manner so that -

(i) they contain the information necessary to enable persons discharging functions to which paragraph (a) relates to discharge their respective functions and that those records are sufficiently accurate and available with sufficient regularity and sufficient promptness for the purpose of so discharging, and

(ii) any information furnished or caused to be furnished by or on behalf of the credit union to the Bank is sufficiently accurate for the purposes for which it was so furnished and