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150. Production of documents and evidence.

(1) It shall be the duty of all persons who are, or at any material time were, officers, members or agents of a credit union to which an examiner has been appointed to produce to the examiner all books and documents of or relating to the credit union which are in their possession or power, to attend before him when required so to do and otherwise to give to him all assistance in connection with his functions which they are reasonably able to give.

(2) If the examiner considers that a person other than one falling within subsection (1) is or may be in possession of any information concerning the affairs of the credit union the examiner may require that person to produce to him any books or documents in that person's possession or power relating to the credit union, to attend before him and otherwise to give him all assistance in connection with his functions which that person is reasonably able to give; and it shall be the duty of that person to comply with the requirement.

(3) If the e