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66. Directors: suspension and removal by board oversight committee.

(1) If the board oversight committee of a credit union considers that a member of the board of directors has taken any action or decision which, in the opinion of the committee, given in writing to the director concerned, is not in accordance with the requirements of this Part, then, after consulting the Bank, the committee may either -

(a) suspend, with immediate effect, the director by a unanimous vote of all the members of the committee taken at a meeting of the committee called for the purpose of considering the director’s suspension, or

(b) convene a special general meeting of the credit union to consider whether to remove the director in light of the action or decision taken by that director,

but no steps shall be taken under this subsection without the director concerned being given an opportunity to be heard by the members of the board oversight committee.

(2) Where a director of a credit union has been suspended by the board oversight committee in accordance with subsection