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187. Form, deposit and evidence of documents.

(1) Without prejudice to section 124(2) and subject to any provision made by regulations, every return or other document required for the purposes of this Act -

(a) shall be made in such form,

(b) shall contain such particulars, and

(c) shall be deposited and registered or recorded, with or without observations on the return or other document, in such manner,

as may be specified by the Bank.

(2) An acknowledgement of registration or other document relating to a credit union, purporting to be signed by the Bank, including in particular any document purporting to be a copy or extract of a credit union's rules or of any other instrument or document whatsoever, and every document purporting to be signed by any inspector under this Act shall, unless the contrary is proved, be deemed to have been issued by the Bank or such a duly authorised person, or an inspector, as the case may be, and shall be received in evidence without proof of the signature.

(3) A printed document purporting to be a