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113. Obligation to appoint auditors.

(1) At each annual general meeting a credit union shall, by a majority vote of the members present and voting, elect an auditor to hold office from the conclusion of that meeting until the next annual general meeting.

(2) Notwithstanding any agreement between the credit union and an auditor, and without prejudice to any rights of the auditor in relation to his removal under this Act, a credit union may by resolution at a general meeting remove an auditor before the term of his office expires and may elect in his place a person -

(a) who has been duly nominated for election;

(b) who is qualified under this Act to be an auditor of a credit union; and

(c) of whose nomination due notice has been given to the members of the credit union and the Bank.

(3) The first auditor of a credit union may be appointed by the directors at any time before the first annual general meeting; but no person shall be so appointed unless he is qualified for election as an auditor of a credit union.

(4) Where th