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100. Public file of a credit union.

(1) The Bank shall prepare and keep at a specified office of the Bank a file relating to each credit union, to be known as the public file of the credit union.

(1A) The Bank shall ensure that the public file of each credit union contains—

(a) the documents, or the copies of documents, and

(b) the records of the matters,

that are directed by or under this Act to be kept in the public file of a credit union.

(2) Without prejudice to subsection (1), there shall be placed on the public file of a credit union a copy of -

(a) all special resolutions passed by the credit union;

(b) any instrument of transfer of engagements under section 129 by which the credit union transfers its engagements or undertakes to fulfil the engagements of another credit union;

(c) any order winding up the credit union or an instrument of dissolution under section 135;

(d) any administration order under section 137 made with respect to the credit union;

(e) any order (including an interim order) made by a Court w