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29. Transfer of shares.

(1) A member of a credit union may transfer a share in the credit union to another member so long as -

(a) the number of shares held by that other member does not exceed the limit imposed under this Act; and

(b) if the board of directors so require in any case, the transfer has the approval of the board.

(2) No charge shall be made by a credit union in respect of a transfer of shares by a member, and such a transfer shall entitle the transferee to any dividends in respect of the transferred shares which are unpaid at the date of the transfer.

(3) If, in a case where the board of directors of a credit union have imposed a requirement under subsection (1)(b), the board refuses to approve the proposed transfer of shares in the credit union by a member, the member may appeal against the refusal to a Judge of the District Court for the district in which the registered office of the credit union is situated.

(4) Notice of appeal under subsection (3) shall be in writing and shall set out the