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30. Dividends on shares.

(1) At each annual general meeting of a credit union, a dividend on shares, not exceeding the permitted maximum, may be declared in respect of the preceding financial year by a resolution passed by a majority of the members present and voting.

(2) A dividend so declared shall be paid on all shares in the credit union but, in the case of shares which have been held during part only of the financial year to which the dividend relates, only a proportional part of the dividend shall be paid and, in determining such a proportional part, a part of a month may be disregarded.

(3) The permitted maximum referred to in subsection (1) is ten per cent. of the nominal value of the shares of the credit union or such other percentage of that value as may for the time being be prescribed.

(4) The rate of dividend declared under subsection (1) shall not exceed the rate recommended to the members by the board of directors.

(5) No dividend on shares shall be paid otherwise than out of -

(a) surplus funds