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Version date: 1 January 2016 - onwards
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First Schedule Matters to be Provided for in Rules of Credit Union

Section 13.

1. The name of the credit union, which shall comply with section 10.

2. The objects of the credit union which shall comply with section 6(1)(a).

3. The place which is to be the registered office of the credit union to which all communications and notices to the credit union may be addressed.

4. The qualifications required for, and the terms of, admission to membership of the credit union, including any special provision for the insurance of members in relation to their shares.

5. The mode of holding meetings and the method of notice, including provision as to the quorum necessary for the transaction of any description of business, and the mode of making, altering or rescinding rules.

6. The appointment and removal of the board of directors, the board oversight committee and any principal Committee and of other officers and their respective powers and remuneration.

7. Determination (subject to any requirements under section 27(2)) of the maximum amount of the interest in the